How to Protect Your Info During Business Travel

How to Protect Your Info During Business Travel

An operation called DarkHotel is a series of cyber attacks by criminals who target businessmen and women staying in quality hotels. Hackers infiltrate the hotel’s internet service and even send out emails with corrupted links. This type of attack has been going on for years dating back to 2007. However, researchers have just recently discovered this in the year of 2015. The majority of attacks occurred in Japanese hotels, although other countries including the USA have also suffered. If you must use a public internet connect while traveling for business, follow these steps to reduce the chances of having your information compromised.

Be sure software is updated before leaving.
One way attacks can occur is when people’s machines are targeted through the programs they use. Adobe and Windows in particular are vulnerable points, especially at the time when an update becomes available but is not updated right away. On hotel internet networks, hackers can even distribute fake digital certificates which then make it a risk to download the software on a public network. As a precaution, update all software before leaving home or the office.

Secure your information with a VPN.
Areas such as conference rooms and airports with public wifi have the ability to leave all your
login information open to be stolen. Websites that appear with https in the url are encrypting your data. Another practice that is even more secure is the use of a VPN service. Several companies offer their own or one can find another service that can be subscribed to for just a short time.

Be skeptical of public computers.
Something known as a keylogger has the ability to maliciously log keystrokes. This is mainly used to save login information captured through typing. Machines that are set up in kiosks should not be relied upon for this reason. Only visit general websites at these machines and never access information that needs a predetermined password.

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