Traits of a Hotel Concierge

Isabelle Hogan is the head concierge of The Mark Hotel, located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Also known as the Wonder Woman of concierge, she explains what it means to be a hotel concierge. First and foremost, it is important that employees know as much as they can about the hotel and surrounding businesses. An attitude of willingness is then necessary to accomplish the given tasks and even digest the more ridiculous requests.

Concierge joshua stubbinsBalance

The things guests may ask for can vary from ticket requests, restaurant reservations, and specific room requests. A competent concierge will be able to juggle all of these things that can increase guest happiness during their stay.

Unlimited Duties

It is not surprising that the tasks requested of concierge may go beyond a typical work day. Some guests have even been known to insist a hotel staff member accompany a high profile visitor on an expensive shopping trip.

An Array of Contacts

There is value in a word-of-mouth recommendation. Businesses know this and want to make the best impression on concierge members. It is not uncommon that restaurants and stores invite employees to try their offerings and refer their products to the guests that arrive at the hotel. Having a first hand experience, concierge can deliver an honest opinion while using their always growing network

Honest Opinions

Since the concierge opinion is so highly coveted, restaurants know how to put on a perfect performance when they know who is eating. Hogan suggested even just dropping in on a location and paying to eat to get a real sense of service. From there, she knows she is giving guest real feedback that is similar to what they will experience. This form of honesty has the power to override online reviews from sources like Yelp.