Memorable Voyages to the Czech Republic & More

About Joshua Stubbins

About Joshua Stubbins

Joshua Stubbins is a prominent legal recruiter. With a profound career in the law field, he still makes time to entertain his interest in travel. Of all seven continents, Joshua has visited five. During his studies, he got the opportunity to study in South America, Asia, and Eastern Europe. From a very young age, Stubbins uncovered a fascination for foreign lands. His travel philosophy is to make gaining new experiences a top priority. Of all the places Joshua visited, the Czech Republic is his favorite. There, he acquired many enjoyable and fond memories.

The Czech Republic is located in central Europe. Surrounding countries include Germany, Poland, Austria, and Slovakia. This country is completely inland which means it does not border any major sea. The nearest seas are the Mediterranean Sea and Baltic Sea. These locations are popular among visitors to the Czech Republic. Geographically, this country falls between two mountain ranges. Prague is the capital city of this country. It is the home to Charles University and The Czech Polytechnic. Visitors that travel here explore historic monuments and architecture from throughout the ages. Some prominent monuments include the Cathedral of Saint Nicholas, Charles Bridge, and the Prague Castle.

In addition to architecture, the Czech Republic has a scene for contemporary fine art. Historical times for this country tied art recognition closely to politics. If one’s political choice was favorable, they were more likely to have their work featured. Since this was a key aspect of this country’s foundation, Czech Republic is known for only showcasing the highest level of fine art. One of the most popular contemporary artists is Jaroslav Rona. He was the sculptor of a statue of Franz Kafka located in one of Prague’s public spaces. Tourists can find his work positioned between the former Jewish Quarter and Old Town.

Of the many places visited by Joshua Stubbins, Czech Republic remains the most fascinating. Within this world, there are many more places to explore. Be sure to follow this site for more information about general travel and some personal anecdotes from Stubbins’ experiences.