Things to Pack for a Business Trip

Things to Pack for a Business Trip

One should be mindful when packing for a business trip. Due to the nature of this type of travel, try to be prepared for any networking opportunities that may arise. For some guidance, pack these things to help make you more prepared.

Be sure to carry business cards. Don’t only have your own handy but also the contact information of people with which you work most often.

Refrain from offending anyone by carrying breath mints. Especially after eating, chew a few periodically to help the smell of your breath. Just remember not to eat them while talking to someone.

Use hand sanitizer to kill the germs on your hands. This is especially helpful if you are in a networking situation where you may shake plenty hands. Try to mind your manners by not being in the presence of the person whose hand you just shook when you use it.

Carry a writing utensil and a notepad. Throughout a business trip, you may meet many people that will teach you things. You’re going to need a quick place to write these thoughts down. Writing utensils should also be easily accessible and not in the depths of your large travel bag.

Bring at least two pairs of shoes. One pair will be used for more extended walking. The other will be necessary for more dressy occasions such as professional dinners.

Pack a phone cord plus an additional battery. Your cell phone is a very important accessory. People are depending on that device to get in touch with you. It is inevitable that an outlet may not be around when you need to charge up.

Bring along your laptop or other mobile computing device. Avoid using the computers available at your hotel’s workstation. Go ahead and bring your own.

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