Top Islands in the World

Top Islands in the World

The world is filled with gorgeous islands. Across all lands, several stand out as the best. If looking for a beautiful place to visit, check out the list below and see what each destination has to offer.

Santorini, Greece contains villages resting on top of cliffs formed by lava rocks. Popular tourist spots include the black sand beaches or Perissa. Fishing boats to the village of Akrotiri known as caiki are also common forms of adventure. For lodging, explore the Astra Suites. Some top features found here are infinity pools and views of well-known Santorini sunsets.

If in the mood for reaching the top of a 10,023-foot volcano and watching the sunrise, visit another one of the world’s best islands of Maui, HI. The surf capital is Paia, which has a reputation as being a cool former hippie hang out. After all the exploring, venture to Mama’s Fish House & Inn to indulge in the fresh catch of the day.

Hiking through rice paddies and exploring temples are a few things one can do in the fantastic island of Bali, Indonesia. The Jatiluwih rice terrace and beaches are other points of interest. For a place to stay, make a reservation at One Eleven which is made up of nine private villas. This lodging option can be found in Seminyak, the home of many Bali beach parties.

Many exotic wildlife such as marine iguanas and blue-footed boobies can be found in Galápagos, Ecuador. In this area, which is 600 miles west of Ecuador, short feathered penguins can also be seen and help to bring travelers to the island. Be sure to engage in a tourist experience that allows the chance to see the beautiful land and awesome sea creatures.